Japanese ornamental cherry trees planted in the Alma Mater park in Debrecen with Richter’s support

Celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2021, Richter Gedeon Plc will plant 120 trees in Debrecen in the jubilee year as part of its commitment to social responsibility. The aim of this long-term initiative is to use the opportunities of the present to support future generations, to work for and preserve a healthy environment, and to raise its quality. The first phase of the installation took place on 23 June in the Alma Mater park.

68 trees planted in Debrecen

With the support of Richter Gedeon Plc, 68 Japanese ornamental cherry trees have been planted in the park between Vágóhíd flyover and Budai Ézsaiás Street.

“Celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2021, Richter Gedeon Plc is establishing the park as part of its social commitment in partnership with the Municipality of Debrecen. The long-term initiative aims to make an active contribution to protecting the environment. This year, in honour of 120 years, we are commemorating the legacy and spirit of our founder, Gedeon Richter, with a range of different activities. It is also a great opportunity to plant 68 Japanese ornamental cherry trees, contributing to the beauty of Debrecen and supporting the town.  Our ethos is based on long-term thinking and continuous innovation, but we also focus on the environment and sustainability. However, this would be impossible without the active participation of all of us,” said Attila Mile, the Debrecen branch manager of Richter Gedeon Plc.

“Why is environmental policy important for Debrecen? This is because Debrecen has a huge treasure, a natural asset: 15,000 hectares of forested area within the administrative boundaries of the town. Students have launched the initiative to create a park with the help of recent graduates. This fits in with our programme that bears the name ‘Let’s plant 10,000 trees!’” 3,400 trees have been planted so far, thanks to various donations and the Municipality of Debrecen. Now, with Richter’s support, this number will be further increased – we are grateful to Richter Pharmaceuticals for their donation, as they are an important player in the economic life of the town. The biotechnology plant plays a significant role not only in nature protection, but also in the employment of workers and in the economic life of the town,” said László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen.