“12 months of good deeds” – the Romanian CSR anniversary project

Gedeon Richter’s 120th anniversary allows us to celebrate our company’s outstanding achievements, expertise and high-quality pharmaceutical products that have been constantly provided for 120 years. Our CSR actions and volunteering activities are a great way to remind all of us of Gedeon Richter, the founder of our company, and his spirit of solidarity.

“12 months of good deeds” (12 luni de fapte bune) is a general challenge launched by the PR department of Gedeon Richter Romania, through which our colleagues from Romania mark the 120th anniversary of Gedeon Richter by doing good things for the community and the environment. This internal social responsibility project aims to awaken the volunteer spirit amongst our colleagues and raises awareness of the fact that the smallest things done with good intentions add up and have an important impact on all our lives, resulting in a greener, healthier and happier future.

The anniversary celebration in times of the pandemic

At Gedeon Richter, every special occasion is celebrated in a familial environment. The pandemic prevented us from gathering like a large family and celebrating Richter’s impressive history and expertise. Yet, Gedeon Richter Romania worked out the means to mark the anniversary year in a particular way. In January 2021, all employees were challenged to get involved in a corporate social responsibility project that has an impact on the community and the environment, which at the same time meets all the social distancing and sanitary requirements.

Each challenge launched to our colleagues is safe to be performed during the COVID-19 pandemic and motivates people to join forces and do good things in these times that require kindness and support.

Project objectives

In addition to the core mission of this project, our colleagues at Gedeon Richter Romania aim to do a series of 120 good deeds by the end of the year, and to involve as many colleagues in the project as possible who share a pro-active attitude and volunteer spirit.

New month, new challenges

The project is promoted through touching slogans like “doing something with all your heart”, “feel free to plant a tree” , or “reduce, reuse, recycle” . Each month of the anniversary year comes with several challenges and has a specific theme.

“12 months of good deeds” was launched at the beginning of the year with the Recycling Month. The recycling campaign started with a challenge to collect and recycle PET bottlecaps, with the purpose of contributing to saving significant amounts of water, oil, and natural gas needed to produce new plastic. The recycle campaign continued in February, with our colleagues joining forces to manage the produced waste in a responsible way by collecting and recycling used oil, batteries, light bulbs, cans, bottles and jars.

We all know that trees and other plants contribute to cleaner air and a healthier and greener life for us and our community. Therefore, spring brought along The Green Month of Planting, which challenged our colleagues to plant trees and decorative plants in their yards or pots. Our colleagues felt more than inspired by this challenge and not only planted trees, but also surprised everybody with creative planting to decorate their homes and gardens with the most beautiful flowers and shrubs.

After our colleagues were mobilized by the planting campaign, April challenged them to adopt an active attitude during The Movement Month, when they rode to support the community’s chronically ill children by participating in the “Ride for a good cause” event, organised in a safe and secure manner, adapted to the pandemic situation, where the health of the participants was a priority. During the Movement Month, our colleagues tried to walk as many kilometres as possible and activated their green spirit on Earth Day by also participating in the “Together we clean the banks of the Mureș River” event, where all participants joined forces to clean a very popular area of the city of Târgu Mureș.

The Upcycle Month launched in May challenged our colleagues to upcycle waste by transforming it into objects with a new purpose. This challenge not only helped the team contribute to the protection of the environment, but also brought to light the artists of the Gedeon Richter Romania team, who came up with unique decorative objects, created with love, patience and passion.

Summer warms up both the weather and our souls, so it featured the Social Responsibility Month where our colleagues helped the community not only by their daily work performed at Gedeon Richter, but also through donations made for children and people in need. The social responsibility month encourages our colleagues to adopt a responsible attitude towards our fellows’ needs in June and beyond.

On the occasion of Children's Day, our colleagues in Romania launched a special challenge for the youngest members of the Richter community to create objects on the topic of environmental protection by using decorative elements provided by the company in starter kits.

The themes of the upcoming challenges are still a surprise our colleagues cannot wait to find out about!

Project mechanism

The enrolment mechanism is simple, safe, and digitalised, encouraging our colleagues to take part in the project.

All interested employees should submit a registration request with proof of participation (a photo with the recycled materials, for example) via e-mail. Then, they receive a “passport of good deeds”, a stamped document that certifies successful enrolment in the project. Each participation results in a new stamp on the passport. That is how an amazing journey starts towards the next challenge, a safer community, a cleaner environment and a greener future.

Our colleagues’ feedbacks are heart-melting

The anniversary project has sparked enthusiasm in our colleagues’ souls. The results prove that they have gathered all their strength, and the feedback is heart-melting.

"I accepted the '12 months of good deeds' challenge because I felt it would bring a change in our normal office life and because it is also an opportunity to put into practice long-delayed plans (I will recycle bottles, used oil, I will help non-governmental organizations, etc.). This project highlighted the team spirit of the GR community, while, by doing small things, we can contribute to a better and cleaner world.” – Ildikó Timár

“I have always liked to get involved in initiatives that have a beneficial impact on our environment and health, and with this anniversary project, the company provides me with a great opportunity to do good deeds. I believe in the contagious effect of good deeds, and I have set myself the goal of getting the ‘passport of good deeds’ fully stamped by the end of the year. I look forward to the next challenge!” – Liliana Cândea

“It gives me great pleasure to participate in the ‘12 months of good deeds’ project. 2020 showed us that even in the most difficult times, we have something to offer to others; by joining forces we can move mountains. I hope that this project will help us become more aware and responsible for the environment which we might neglect in general. I would be happy to be able to do certain good deeds together with my colleagues, to strengthen team spirit, and help our company strengthen partnerships with collaborating associations. I strongly believe in the power of community and volunteering, and I hope that we will engage as many colleagues as possible to try to make this world a little better place than the one we got to know.” – Orsolya Maxim

“You managed to make me a better person. I hope to be able to get involved in all the challenges until the end (December).” – Ernő Vészi

“Thank you very much for the opportunity. It was nostalgic for me to watch my children work on this project. When they were younger, we used to go to several activities organised by different organizations. After COVID-19, these activities stopped, while the children grew up. And maybe this was the last time (I am not sure) when they accepted a challenge like this since they are 12 now. I was very happy to see them working on this project with pleasure and full of ideas. I hope there will be more challenges like this.” – Csilla Erdélyi